Who We are

Financial Analysis

My name is Keith Plywaczynski, founder and president of Fortitude Financial Partners. After years working in the corporate world, I decided to start my own firm so I could spend more time with clients, be available to them when needed and continue to offer the “high-touch” service that sets us apart.

Key to our high-touch approach is our focus on going beyond simply providing financial recommendations to clients. Instead, we consider ourselves “technical advisors,” using sophisticated analytics to evaluate a variety of scenarios and then “quantifying” our advice by showing clients why one strategy may be more beneficial than another. We are problem solvers whose top priority is to help clients organize and simplify their financial lives. As such, we strive to answer your questions and provide solutions to problems in a timely manner—often on the same day. Proactive communication not only is a point of pride for us but is also a core value of our firm.

That communication begins with our first meeting. We spend time with you simply listening—about how you view your wealth to your feelings about risk, about what your financial concerns are to the goals you have for your assets. Our initial interactions with you are about you, not us. We view ourselves as your advocate and will never try to sell you products or make recommendations that are not in your best interests.

Although we work with people in different professions, with different backgrounds and different financial circumstances, we specialize in serving C-suite executives who need technical guidance when it comes to maximizing their compensation packages. Whatever your needs, our collaboration with Mariner Advisor Network gives us access to in-house advisory teams and an extensive array of resources and tools to manage every aspect of your financial life.